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Sin Rostro scoop from TVLine

Posted by C4L Admin on Friday, August 14, 2015 In : Projects 
Source: TVLine

Question: I spent the entire weekend catching up on Jane The Virgin, and I need some scoop! —Dominic
Ausiello: Just as Jane's pregnancy served as the CW dramedy's main storytelling engine last year, Season 2 will have an equally compelling A-story. Or two. "There's definitely a long-term mystery that has to do with Sin Rostro," executive producer Jennie Urman previews, adding that the season will be "building" to Jane's wedding — but to whom? "She makes a choice in the f...

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Bridget Regan Panel at Space City Comic Con 2015

Posted by C4L Admin on Thursday, August 6, 2015 In : Videos 

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News on Bridget's character on The Good Wife

Posted by C4L Admin on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Question: Bridget Regan tweeted a photo of her on the Good Wife set — any intel on her character?
Samantha Ausiello: The Jane the Virgin villainess guest-stars in the Season 7 premiere as Madeline Smulders, a plaintiff in an estate case. I’m guessing she’s a client of Alicia’s, based on the below photo, which Julianna Margulies posted on Facebook (that’s Regan sitting in Alicia’s new office).

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Bridget teases about "The Good Wife" on Twitter

Posted by C4L Admin on Thursday, July 9, 2015 In : Projects 

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Bridget Regan and Chad Michael Murray appearing at Space City Comic Con

Posted by C4L Admin on Saturday, July 4, 2015 In : Updates 

Bridget Regan will be making a RARE appearance at Space City Comic Con with Chad Michael Murray!
(Bridget appearing Saturday, July 25 and Sunday, July 26 and Chad appearing Sunday only!)

Get your passes and preorder her autograph here!
(Bridget and Chad’s autograph are $60 each)

Do not miss this chance to meet these talented actors at this RARE convention appearance!

Epic Bridget Regan Photo-Op - $60 (Sat: 6:30pm and/or Sun: 4:45pm)
Epic Chad Michael Murray Photo-Op - $60 (Sun: 3:4...

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